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Why Self Publish

Why Going the Non-Traditional Route in Publishing Makes a Difference

The publishing landscape is changing fast. More than 1 million books were published in 2009, over 70% of these from self published authors. Hispanic Publishing offers you the fastest, most affordable, and safest publishing options through our print on demand technology and expertise... and we do it in your language.

Full Creative Control Over Your Book

We understand that any kind of writing, whether novel or textbook, is a wholly personal experience, and that freedom of expression is the priority for authors. Hispanic Publishing offers fully customizable options for your book packages, with Spanish-fluent publishing and marketing consultants to advise you. You decide what goes in your book and how it looks.

Keep the Rights to Your Work

Writers who publish with Hispanic Publishing retain all rights to their work, never go out of print, and earn royalties on every sale. As a Hispanic Publishing author, you sign a non-exclusive agreement, which enables you to offer your work to publishers and agents without any restrictions.

Get Your Book Out in a Fraction of the Time

The usual publishing cycle - if you are lucky enough for your book to be accepted by a prominent publisher - is over 18 months at the least. Hispanic Publishing can have your book ready to market in just 2 months, putting your book in the market far sooner.

Bigger Royalties

Hispanic Publishing's authors get back more in terms of royalties per unit sale compared with traditional publishing houses.

Choose Your Market

Your book may appeal to a limited or niche market and not be of interest to a large publishing house. This is often the case for special interest and academic works.

Smaller Print Runs - Less Overstock

Print-on-demand means that copies of the book are printed exactly when and in what quantity they are needed. This lessens the amount of extraneous copies and keeps your book in print permanently.

Legacy for Life

Publishing with Hispanic Publishing means permanent publication. With Hispanic Publishing your book will never go out of print so your personal story will be your legacy for future generations. You can even change your work to ensure that it is kept up-to-date - Hispanic Publishing can perpetually support our authors through various programs designed to keep your book current and in the spotlight.